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    The Haven -

    The Haven is my home office in St Martin which is a comfortable room offering privacy and sea views. It is a calm space for you to feel welcome and supported in.

    The Haven has an external door accessible from the driveway, with ample parking space and is not overlooked. It also meets the requirements for wheelchair accessibility regulations.

    - How will I help you? -

    I endeavour to support you in your journey, equip you with coping skills and education about mental health and guide you to finding hope for the future
    I offer you a safe haven, a private space to share your story and to listen fully to what you would like help with

    Encourage you to making small changes and to seek the joy in every day so that you can go onto experience a meaningful life that’s right for you

    Our lives are like streams. The currents of our experiences flow through time with periodic cycles of tranquility, disturbance and integration. Our bodies are the banks of the stream…that allow us to safely experience our sense of inner movement and change.